Mar 31, 2014

Back with Malladus

I must've gone through almost 15 different variations of this piece. Most just not working what so ever. With a handful not keeping the story I was going for. After doing some client work and coming back to this I feel confident in this one. It's a bit of an homage to a certain Zelda piece.

Mar 20, 2014

Malladus Sketch

I like the style I chose for this sketch, though the composition is rather boring so I'll most definitely go back to the drawing board.

Mar 17, 2014


This was fun!

Malladus sketch

I'm back!

I had the flu, and it sucked. I'm back! So heres some art! First is an enemy from Zelda 2; horsehead!
Next I redesigned the main characters from earthbound. I began to render them but it was a difficult process and I only got so far. For now I'll put it on hold. Enjoy the finished line art in the mean time.