Jan 29, 2014

Female Sci-Fi Sketch

Trying some things,  feels like being thrown into the ocean not knowing how to swim. No idea what I'm doing, yet!

Jan 27, 2014

Scott Summers Concepts

From His outfit in the X-men to his Phoenix persona to his Uncanny debut as a villain finished by his original X-men outfit.  The latest comics are worth a read.

Jan 23, 2014

More Scott Stuff

Working on these some more. I redid some of the poses and costumes. Nothing is done yet.

Jan 22, 2014

phoenix scott

Pretty much done with this before coloring and such. Still think I'll do the other two.

Jan 21, 2014

Scott sketchin

Latexin' it up a bit. My winter stuff that was keeping me away is over!… Now I have other stuff that might keep me away, such as my car dying yesterday. Enjoy some Scott Summers at his most powerful in the mean time. Ya know, speedo. I'll finish up these before I push ahead on other fun stuff. More updates coming!

Jan 13, 2014

Long time no update!

Yeah I'm still keeping busy, this whole december-january has been filled with family events and so I haven't posted anything. Even right now I'm unable to be at my desktop, so heres a sketch while I'm on the road. Doing character poses for CYCLOPS. Boo ya!