Dec 17, 2013

More Wolverine

Polished up some of the values.

Wolverine update and studies

So with my last post I noticed my knowledge of leg anatomy was a bit off, so I took to studying the forms and balancing them. Heres where that led me! I also changed the composition a bit and added in some snow. It's currently snowing here so the reference for that was too good to pass up.

Dec 11, 2013

Wolverine Sketch

Been sketching around with poses and stuff when I finally got to logan. I moved a lot of things around, played with a couple different body types. I like this one. Still not 100% on the pose and I definitely need to revisit the shapes. But Here's where I'm at thus far. 

x23 plus steps!

Doing something like this was sort of nice. I love characters and I need to do more. As simplistic as this was, it was very good to go back to a front view like this. Play with proportion, I went also through several versions of the face before I found myself at the final one. They aren't included in the steps because I never saved any of them. 

Dec 10, 2013

X23 Update

Moving this more and more. Spent a lot of time redoing the face over and over and over. Jeez. All these studies have made me very picky.

More sketches and X23!!

Some more studies and practices from my sketchbook. Also the beginning sketch for a X23 piece. It originally was full body but I like the composition more with this ratio. 

Dec 9, 2013

Been Sketching

Sketches from life, photos, studying artists, or just imagination. I'm trying to learn things. Just drawing in one of my books. Dedicating this one more to pen work at this time. I have a lot of other ones but I'll upload them another day. For now heres what i've done over the weekend.

Dec 3, 2013

Starting of Magneto

Here is my base sketch. Still juggling around ideas and stuff for the main composition and such. Very very early on.

Finished up Jean

I love Jean, so I hope this small tribute is a cool token of that. 

Dec 2, 2013

Jean Grey Update

About halfway there.

Jean Grey Varient's

My favorite mutant as I try to illustrate her. Went through three of her different costumes. I like the bottom and the middle. Not so much the mask on the top. Especially since I spent so long prettying up that face.