Nov 21, 2013

Girl got color

Small update, spent a lot of time thinking about the light and color. I may add in some rim light, just cause I love me some rim light.

Nov 20, 2013

Bed Time Sketch

I was just heading to bed. Then three eyes here wanted out oh my head.

Also managed to sketch this real quick. I love me some lines.

Portrait Lighting Practice

This was very insightful and interesting. I'm finally remembering the forms, and it's getting better. For fun I threw a little Cyclops and Colossus in there as well. 

Nov 19, 2013

Portrait update

Oh my, when I reopened my earlier portrait I cringed. Strange how you can just throw out all you've learned when having to do something from life. That is still something I have to work on. I spent several more hours onto of my original hour and a half attempt. Heres the result, and I'm ready to push forward to lighting setups!!

Here, have yourself a good chuckle.


This particular pose is one I've been doing forever. I'm still now 100% satisfied with how my end result comes out. Though I can see obvious improvement. This self portrait I plan on doing Suzanne Helmigh's portrait lighting assignment to. That assignment is the one where you take a portrait and just do a couple different versions with completely separate lighting setups. I'm sure that will teach me some interesting things. This took about an hour and half. Also, Heisenberg.

Nov 18, 2013

Artist face studies

There are a lot of artists out there who do it right, and I'm trying to learn from them!

Adam Hughes Face Studies

The human face is complex and very important to any character illustration. Me trying to understand it right, I figured "why not study those who have really mastered it?" And in my opinion Adam Hughes is a very unique artist. His work featuring female faces is insanely detailed with little actual brush strokes. So today I studied a few of his faces. I picked up some useful things! I have some other artists I plan on studying next!

Nov 17, 2013

Model study

One more done. Never really do that looking away pose so I might as well throw it in with the rest. I've got some different studies coming soon too, really gonna ride these face studies out.

Nov 15, 2013

Profile from space

Another fun way to move this head around that would be a little more difficult in real life.

Head from bellow

This is an angle I usually stray away from. Very very hard for me to get some of this looking right, I tried to keep things moving quickly as well. It's such a treat to reach out of my comfort zone. Also, doing these in black and white really helps with value. More of these coming soon.

Nov 14, 2013

Bust Model Study

This is a REAL bust that you can buy online. But the version I have of it is just a 3D model. I chose this version because 1- it's free and 2- I'm able to setup any light pose and angle I want with ease. So boo ya to that!

Here is the download link if you're interested!

Of course you must note, you have to have the latest version of Zbrush to run this model. I have to admit it is a great substitute for reality. I treated it as I would have any real life bust. Super sweet, and happy with the results. Here's to learning more and becoming beautiful.

Face studies

Trying to kill off my lack of face anatomy. Already picking up some things here and there. I'm aiming to be very good at it before the new year.

Nov 13, 2013

Alien sketch

Quick alien sketch. Me needs to work out this whole value thing me thinks.

Nov 12, 2013

Some Trex-es

Doing some junk for the daily spit paint group. Cause they rock and I wanna rock too.

If you don't know the daily spit paint then you should most definitely check them out!!!


All set with this one. It really left me with a lot I'd like to study up on. Things I thought I had down really pulled quick ones over me. Back to my sketchbook for now! 

It was very fun painting a well known character as something you wouldn't necessarily picture her as. I wanted her to best represent a strong lead role. I'm a huge fan of strong female's in general, much so over the damsel in distress! Zelda, as a character, has been pretty boring as a up until now. It was time for a change. Now this interpretation is wildly different from what you've seen up until now. She's has to hold her own now that there is no one protecting her! You just know that she's been through a lot, she's definitely not a princess anymore. 

Hope you liked watching me make it! 

Nov 10, 2013


I'll end up finishing this one when I get time, almost there. For now heres as far as I have it. Been so busy at my day job as of late, but I'm making enough time each day to keep pushing it. 

Nov 6, 2013

More eye candy

Doing things moderately slow. Figuring out the armor piece by piece. Finally got a taste for it that I don't hate. Though I'm still working out the originality kinks. Reminds me a bit of an old bloodsport I did...

Nov 4, 2013

Last piece from being 20

And onto being 21! It's honestly so nice to see how far I've developed, looking back to 1 year ago. Here's to a bright future and if you're reading this keep pushing.