Oct 30, 2013

Zelda Process

Here is the quite long process of my recently uploaded Zelda piece. As it is such a developed piece it took time, a lot of time, and effort. More than anything it was my will to study what I didn't know that lead me to my final product. Before this I had never painted a horse, my perspective wasn't really in mind, and my lighting hadn't as much practice as I would have liked.

So I spent the better part of a month in my sketchbook studying horse anatomy, playing with shapes and form, until I got results I liked. It's why you always see the horse more polished in the earlier steps, because that in itself was it's own piece that I wanted to get right before anything else.

That said I learned new ways to apply texture to stone, easy methods that came to be between step 5 and 6. These are quickly thrown together textures with basic brushes that come with photoshop and edited through filters and tricks. Through it all there was a large struggle and creativity felt short when it was just problem solving. All and all I came out liking more than I didn't and thats a win for me.

Though there are problems, and I will definitely attempt to nail those out in future pieces. For now this one is done! I hope you liked it! Heres to more things coming, and oh man is there a lot coming!

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