Oct 30, 2013

Zelda Process

Here is the quite long process of my recently uploaded Zelda piece. As it is such a developed piece it took time, a lot of time, and effort. More than anything it was my will to study what I didn't know that lead me to my final product. Before this I had never painted a horse, my perspective wasn't really in mind, and my lighting hadn't as much practice as I would have liked.

So I spent the better part of a month in my sketchbook studying horse anatomy, playing with shapes and form, until I got results I liked. It's why you always see the horse more polished in the earlier steps, because that in itself was it's own piece that I wanted to get right before anything else.

That said I learned new ways to apply texture to stone, easy methods that came to be between step 5 and 6. These are quickly thrown together textures with basic brushes that come with photoshop and edited through filters and tricks. Through it all there was a large struggle and creativity felt short when it was just problem solving. All and all I came out liking more than I didn't and thats a win for me.

Though there are problems, and I will definitely attempt to nail those out in future pieces. For now this one is done! I hope you liked it! Heres to more things coming, and oh man is there a lot coming!

The Legend of Zelda Wii U

Concept art of Zelda making her way through the goddesses temple in an attempt to bring back the hero of time. In a very non linear game this character's journey begins here with a considerable amount of paths opening. Hyrule has lost it's hero, plagued in darkness you must attempt to bring it back to the light. With over 500 different story lines per playable character this open world will reinvent the way you know Hyrule. Will she be able to connect the missing links and vanquish the evil that has taken over the land? 

Coming 2015

Oct 24, 2013

Update yo Zelda

This ones taking some time, and without a doubt theres a lot more time to be spent still! I need to do a few face studies before I even press on! Trying to be the best I can be. Hope you like where it's going. If not, oh well, at least I do!

The Legend of Zelda Wii U

Work in progress piece. Coming soooooooon-ish.

Oct 22, 2013

Haloween Themed Self Portrait and...

I hadn't done a self portrait in a long long time. Doing one with the theme of the season was too fun to pass up. I have been working a lot lately, as much as haven't had a chance to update, there is more coming. Lots more. Most of the recent work has been in my sketchbook, and also for my portfolio. Never the less I'll be updating more. I will also soon be updating my new DEATHLINE. So stay tuned for the next few weeks.