Sep 24, 2013

2 more Adventurers! First 12 done!

2 more Adventure Time Characters; A combo piece of Snow Golem And Fire Wolf, along side the Fight King! As you can see I went a little different route with the Fight King, having part of his sword go off screen and adding in a second light source. I got bored of the plane front light, it was fun at first but after 11 others just like it I began to really see that I wasn't pushing forward. Then I thought to myself, if I'm not learning then what's the point. And so I have a quick announcement. These first 12 are in their own category, from here on out the rest will be different, more engaging, and more realistic. I think I can push towards a more realistic and exciting theme with these. So see these first 12 as their own set and style, where as from here on they will be very extravagant. (if all goes to plan) Because I have a long long oh so long list of Adventure Time characters, that I've had set in stone for awhile now. All leading to a very specific character I've wanted to paint for awhile. So I'm still pushing forward, it may take more time to get to that realistic level, but it's something I hope to accomplish. I've even had some ideas of full illustrations, so who knows how big these will get, but for now I'd like to just start building up.