Jul 14, 2013

Zero Suit Samus

I decided on doing a Zero Suit Samus piece along side my Fusion suit concept. I tried a few different versions of her zero suit but this one just stood out the most to me. The blue is crazy cool. For this specific pose I tried to ignore all that usual fan art stuff like all sexed up and just made her the tough badass I know her as. I didn't even make her all that young because I think the years of experience have really added up. Instead of being like 20-30 she's more in her late 30's, maybe early 40's. Again, just trying to do something that helped to make the character what I saw her as. She doesn't have to be beautiful to be a badass. Anyway, this is just my version of her. I may finish the other suits I painted  her in, if not then I'll just jump ahead to the other series I'm super excited for! keep looking around this week!!

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