Jul 18, 2013

Adventure Time Series Starting!

Hey Hey everyone! I'm starting a long series of paintings that'll be the Adventure Time characters I found that stick out! I'll be posting them very often, theres a little over 10 in the series and so keep an eye out in a slightly near future.

The reason why it's not asap is because I actually just landed my first freelance job! It's some NDA stuff, but I'll be taken away for just a bit! But know I'll be back with more Adventure Time characters! Don't worry, they aren't all green bad guys. They're all pretty different! I hope you're looking forward to them!

Jul 16, 2013

Reboot Suit Samus

So after my last interpretation of Zero Suit Samus I felt like all the awesome feelings I wanted to come out of the piece wasn't there when it was done. Some of the anatomy was broken, and the suit felt less creative than I wanted it to be. So while that version wasn't what I wanted it to be I had also done some variations of it. So I made a new pose, fleshed out the suit, and fixed the anatomy as best I could. Here you get the result. Something hopefully new. I wanted to create a Samus that had never been the original idea. Perhaps if Metroid were not thought up until today this would be the design that might show up in the concept art for that game.
 I spent a lot of time just looking at space suits, thinking of color schemes that popped up well, interesting ways to show character through pose. I tried to really up my game here by thinking about everything that would go into this piece. I wanted everything on the suit to have it's own meaning and purpose. From the space shoes to the taser blaster everything had to have some attachment to the original series but also be so drastically different that it could stand on it's own.
Hope you like the outcome.

Jul 14, 2013

Zero Suit Samus

I decided on doing a Zero Suit Samus piece along side my Fusion suit concept. I tried a few different versions of her zero suit but this one just stood out the most to me. The blue is crazy cool. For this specific pose I tried to ignore all that usual fan art stuff like all sexed up and just made her the tough badass I know her as. I didn't even make her all that young because I think the years of experience have really added up. Instead of being like 20-30 she's more in her late 30's, maybe early 40's. Again, just trying to do something that helped to make the character what I saw her as. She doesn't have to be beautiful to be a badass. Anyway, this is just my version of her. I may finish the other suits I painted  her in, if not then I'll just jump ahead to the other series I'm super excited for! keep looking around this week!!

Jul 10, 2013

Metroid Fusion HD- Samus

So not a lot of people liked Metroid Other M. I thought Samus' design from that game was very great. So here you have the love baby of Samus' appearance in Other M and then Fusion. The two are so close in the Metroid timeline I felt it was appropriate enough. Fusion is very different as far as design goes, at least compared to the other Metroid series. So this was a lot of fun! Hope you like the outcome. I was going for a different style as compared to my more recent works.

Jul 8, 2013

Ending my Super Metroid series

On a high note! Here is Ridley against Samus in their final battle of Super Metroid!

I originally planned on doing one more after this. That would be Mother Brain in her first form, though with this being the 7th in this series and the 8th Metroid piece overall, I was feeling done with Metroid boss fight scenes. They were getting harder to make different. So I hope my next series is very different from this. If all goes well my next series should be more conceptual orientated, lots more design, and lots more characters. Though right now who knows what could happen.

I hope you enjoyed this series. It was great fun, and I learned a ton!! Feel free too look back on it for yourself, I hope it helped you to nostalgia yourself.