Jun 25, 2013

Metroid Fan Art- Ridley!!!!!

Here is my interpretation of Ridley's First Encounter in Super Metroid. It's the moments when he first arrives upon Ceres Station and takes the baby Metroid back to Mother Brain. There were no survivors and Samus herself barely made it out. Ridley commands an army and is extremely powerful and intelligent. For this illustration my main goal was to show his triumphant win over the space colony as he truly is a terror to all who appose. Not to mention one of my favorite bosses of all time. So this one I tried to pull off seamlessly, hope you all enjoy the outcome!

As for whats next, that is a good question. All these characters have been making me want to do an environment. So I may take a break of just stop the series here. If I continue then Mother Brain would be next. I do have some fun ideas for her first form, we'll see!

Thanks for looking!

Also here was a scrapped sketch.

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