Sep 25, 2012

Where the Fuck Have I been?

So I bet you've found yourself asking "Where is Zesiul" or "how come Zesiul hasn't been posting?" Well theres a very long explanation to that, but lets just say it was a perfect storm of procrastination and laziness. Whatever the case I'm here right now to post. And give a slight update. WOO. Now first I'll say I've spent way too damn long on this warrior in the woods piece. So I'm putting my foot down. I'll deal out no more new ones, this IS 100% the final piece, just have to sort it out. No more running to a redo. Second, I've been gone but I've not been out! I've gotten a great book that has really made me enjoy pencil drawing again. And helped me with understanding how to draw whats in front of me. So with todays post I'll show you some pencils! So here it is! The first post in almost a month! :x