Aug 30, 2012


I feel confident this is finally the right setting, the right pose.... now just to figure out which design! This POV is of a female in perhaps a cave, she stumbles upon an enemy in mid run, hits the breaks and gets ready to start slicin' up some beotches.

Any ideas or inputs are always heard. <3

Aug 28, 2012


Pushing through this one. I hate a lot about this so I'm going to step back, do some studies, and come back with something (hopefully) a lot better. There are just a lot of issues I need to tone up on before I add this to the ole portfolio. Just keep killing it guys.

Aug 24, 2012

They be spitin' in your eye

Heres what I've been working on, and the bottom 2 are just some scrapped concepts I toyed with along the way to getting this top one. Admirably it's still pretty crappy, but I'm working out the kinks as we speak. 

The idea has changed a bit since I started this one. Going back it was "warrior female in the forest" But now as you can see things have changed a bit. I tried doing a lot of my weak points in this pice, such as an over view pose forcing me to plant the feet to the ground. Over head lighting, metal, and as always female anatomy. I also wanted to see if I could do skin tones nicely due to the fact that I mostly paint things with not normal toned skin. Honestly this projects made me see a lot of my flaws. So heres to future projects, and to killing those flaws! 

Aug 6, 2012

Nice Sword!

Where do I get one? :O

Busy weekend, so take this as a sign of me living on!